Management Strategy & Plan

Management Strategy

Build a “Theme park for the security, health and wellbeing of customers”

SOMPO Holdings will comprehensively support the security, health and wellbeing of customers across an expansive range of life stages and also in daily life. The goal is to evolve into “a theme park for the security, health and wellbeing of customers” that brings happiness into their lives.

The final fiscal year of the previous Mid-Term Management Plan was FY2015. Under this plan, SOMPO Holdings has steadily achieved its goal of building a sustainable growth cycle by proactively shifting business resources to growth fields, beginning with improving its earnings capabilities in the domestic P&C insurance business.

Under the new Mid-Term Management Plan, SOMPO Holdings will seek to evolve into a Group that is able to respond firmly and rapidly to disruptive changes in the environment, based on the growth cycle achieved in the previous Mid-Term Management Plan.

Aiming to contribute to society by realizing its Group Management Philosophy, SOMPO Holdings will achieve a structural transformation into the best customer service provider based on the theme of “security, health and wellbeing.” At the same time, the Group will steer a course to establish a position where it is able to compete effectively against global players.

Strategy to realize our vision

We will rigorously enhance the appeal of each business, in conjunction with implementing measures such as upgrading and expanding services leveraging digital technologies, strengthening our customer contact, and forming partnerships among businesses. To provide customers with high-quality services at an even earlier stage, we will actively work to form partnerships with major players, and accelerate growth and explore new business opportunities through M&A activity. Through these and other actions, we will continuously refine our total services for customers in anticipation of changes in our customer base, with the aim of building and evolving “a theme park for the security, health and wellbeing of customers.”

Initiatives for building “a theme park for the security, health and wellbeing of customers” in each business

Domestic P&C insurance business

Value-generating innovation – be the most highly evaluated P&C insurance company –

  • Create new value for customers by establishing advanced systems and information platforms and conducting a sweeping review of business processes.
  • Dramatically enhance the quality and convenience of customer interfaces by harnessing cutting-edge digital technology and highly specialized human skills.
  • Drive the creation of “a theme park for the security, health and wellbeing of customers” through growth accompanied by quality and the Group's largest customer base and corporate resources.

Domestic Life Insurance Business

Evolve into health support enterprise– the second founding –

  • Seek to go beyond life insurance and transform the Group into a “health support enterprise” that helps its customers to achieve good health.
  • Connect with customers through digital technology based on the theme of health, and deliver a diverse array of services that help to maintain and enhance the health of customers.
  • Build a business model that provides new value to customers by seamlessly integrating the three elements of services, products and sales channels.

Nursing care & healthcare business

Realize “Japan, an affluent country that can boast to the world of a long and quality life.”

  • Provide “safer and more reliable nursing care services” while simultaneously ensuring the “dignity and independence of the elderly.”
  • Provide comprehensive at-home nursing care services, including nursing care, preclinical and preventive care, and medical collaboration, in an integrated manner.
  • Strengthen peripheral nursing care and healthcare business fields, including partnerships with other business sectors.

Overseas insurance business

Accelerate growth by steady organic growth and disciplined M&A

  • Utilize Sompo Canopius as a vehicle for growth in developed countries.
  • Accelerate steady organic growth mainly in retail business development in emerging countries.
  • Conduct well-balanced investments both in emerging countries to expect future growth and in developed countries to acquire immediate profit.

Management Plan

Group Numerical Management Targets
  • In the future, we aim to execute the new Medium-Term Management Plan to attain a business scale (adjusted consolidated profit of \300.0 billion or more) and capital efficiency (adjusted consolidated ROE of 10% or more) on par with the top 10 global publicly listed insurance companies.
  • We will set ranges for our quantitative management targets for FY2018, the midway point of the new Medium-Term Management Plan. Looking beyond the growth of various business departments, we will make steady strides to realize our future aspirations for the Group by pushing ahead with M&A activity, new business models driven by digital strategies, and cooperation between businesses.
[Group Numerical Management Targets in new mid-term management plan]
(Billions of en) FY2015(Actual) FY2016(Forecast) FY2018 revised targets
Adusted consolidated profit 164.3 160.0 220.0-230.0
Adusted consolidated ROE 6.9% 6.8% Over 8%

* For details regarding ROE,please refer to the link below.