Nursing Care & Healthcare Business

The nursing care & healthcare business constitutes a pillar of the new businesses of the Group. Sompo Care Message, Inc. is capable of providing a wide range of care from facilities to at-home care, while Sompo Care Next, Inc. operates facility-based nursing care. Together they provide the high quality nursing care services to meet the diverse needs of the elderly and their families.

Features and strengths of the nursing care & healthcare business

Industry-Academia Collaboration

Sompo Holdings, Inc. is joining forces with university organizations to resolve various issues faced by an aging society.
We will merge our capabilities with universities’ research expertise to contribute to industrial and social development.

Research institute Main theme
Tokyo University of the Arts Diversity on the Arts Project (DOOR)
Contributing to a Society of Coexistence through Human Resource Development Based on "Art × Diversity"
University of Tsukuba Building a Quality Evaluation Model for Nursing Care Professionals and a Quality Improvement PDCA Operation Model
Ochanomizu University R&D Aimed at Preventing and Improving Cerebral Dysfunction and Dementia
Okayama University Improving Life and Care Quality for Seniors through Dementia Relief
The University of Tokyo Promoting Nursing Care Personnel Health through Back Injury Prevention and Treatment
The Jikei Group of Colleges Development of a High Added Value Learning Program through Mutual Personnel Assignments and Promoting the Appeal of Nursing Care Work


Launch of SOMPO Care University–an In-House University (July 2017)

Sompo Care Group launched the SOMPO Care University in July 2017. The institution will spearhead the company's human resources development strategy, which is based on the basic management policy of Respect for People and encompasses the theme of enabling all employees to sense their own personal growth. The SOMPO Care University goes beyond the scope of conventional training programs by collaborating with universities and vocational colleges. Sompo Care Group plans to develop the university as a comprehensive R&D center for nursing care. It will serve as a place of learning for people outside the Group in various occupations that support the nursing care business, as well as a research function for examining issues and countermeasures on the front lines.

Home-based nursing care training facility

Training in progress

Sompo Care Group’s New Unified Operating Structure Begins (June 2017)

From April 2017, we set out to unify the headquarter functions of the two Sompo Care Group companies—Sompo Care Message Inc. and Sompo Care Next Inc.—aiming to bring both companies’ accumulated experience and know-how together and improve operational efficiency. July 1 marks the real start of unified operations under the new structure with the transfer of Sompo Care Message’s Okayama headquarter functions to Shinagawa Ward, Tokyo.

Deploying Virtual Reality in Dementia Care Training (March 2017)

Sompo Care Group introduced virtual reality (VR) in March 2017 as a tool for training personnel in dementia care. The episode-type VR content enables staff to experience the core symptoms of dementia, giving them a sense of what daily life is like for people suffering from the affliction. The first-person simulated experience helps put staff in their customers’ shoes, giving them an idea of the anxiety and confusion associated with dementia. That enables them to better use their knowledge and skills in caring for people with dementia.

Sompo Care Message Inc.

The Message Group is dedicated to supporting your daily life always – wherever you want to live.

Sompo Care Next Inc.

Through providing the top quality services, the company innovates and brings about a new era in nursing care.