Nursing Care & Healthcare Business

The nursing care & healthcare business constitutes a pillar of the new businesses of the Group. In the nursing care field, two Group companies provide the high quality nursing care services to meet the diverse needs of the elderly and their families. The two companies are Sompo Care Next Inc., which is mainly engaged in providing facility-based nursing care, and Sompo Care Message Inc., which is equipped to provide customers with a wide range of nursing care services from facility-based nursing care to homecare. In the healthcare field, Sompo Risk Management & Health Care Inc. provides services to support corporate initiatives as regards employees’ health, including the promotion of Health and Productivity Management*, mental health measures, and countermeasures for lifestyle-related disorders.

  • Health and Productivity Management(r) is a registered trademark of the Workshop for the Management of Health on Company and Employee.

Features and strengths of the nursing care & healthcare business

Nursing care


Services supporting the promotion of Health and Productivity Management

The Group supports the promotion of the Health and Productivity Management system at companies, and provides integrated services, ranging from those to identify issues and propose policies related to health by analyzing data including from health examinations, hospital receipts, stress surveys, and work productivity, while providing guidance and solutions in regard to public health, to solutions such as mental health measures, and countermeasures for lifestyle-related disorders.


full-fledged forays into the nursing care field(July 2016)

Our company established Sompo Care Inc., a subsidiary for managing the administration of the Group’s nursing care businesses, on July 1, 2016. Going forward, the subsidiary will manage the administration and provide management guidance for the Group’s nursing care business companies, including Sompo Care Next Inc. and Message Co., Ltd.
Our group aims to provide the highest-quality nursing care service, which would be used and preferred by more customers, through its various efforts to utilize its management resources and knowhow accumulated through the Company’s wide network and various group activities.

Sompo Care Message Inc.
Sompo Care Message offers fee-based nursing homes, housing providing nursing care services to residents, and at-house nursing care services. This company continues its efforts for the "provision of an environment where elderly people can, even when they come to need nursing care, continue to live in ways they like in the place (residence) where they hope to live."

Sompo Care Next Inc.
Sompo Care Next develops fee-based nursing homes in locations centered around the Tokyo metropolitan area. This company cherishes its connections with every customer, striving to provide team-based care through its staff of specialists to deliver nursing care services of impeccable quality in all situations, including meals, activities, and comfortable living environments.

New Branding Strategies of Nursing Care Operations(April,July 2016)

Sompo Holdings commenced full-fledged participation in the nursing care field in fiscal 2015.
After incorporating Message and Watami no Kaigo into the Group, we changed the names of these companies to Sompo Care Message and Sompo Care Next, respectively, and similarly rebranded their facilities as Sompo Care Sompo no Ie and Sompo Care La vie Re.
The Sompo Care brand will serve as the face for our nursing care services, which provide safety, health, and wellbeing, in the future, and the entire Group will band together as we move forward on our quest to become Japan’s most trusted nursing care service provider.

Establishment of Sompo Care Next Step Center(April 2016)

The Sompo Care Next Step Center was established in April 2016 with the aim of contributing to the cultivation of professional care providers.
Conducting training based on the themes of acquiring knowledge, refining techniques, and improving interpersonal skills, this center offers a wide range of training programs. These programs include those for gaining basic caregiving knowledge and practical courses that utilize spaces re-creating actual nursing-home rooms and facilities as well as programs for fostering the perspective and sense of ethics necessary for care providers.

Space re-creating nursing-home rooms with beds enabling trainees to learn various techniques such as how to help residents change position or get off the bed or how to give sponge baths

Bathing assistance training, in which trainees learn necessary bathing assistance techniques as well as how to use support equipment and basic rules of watching over residents

Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Holdings to merge Three Subsidiaries(February 2016)

We merged three Group subsidiaries, Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Risk Management Inc., Healthcare Frontier Japan Inc., Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Healthcare Services Inc. on April 1, 2016. Sompo Risk Management & Health Care Inc., the new company resulting from the merger, will contribute to society as a security, health, and wellbeing solutions provider. Adhering to the Group Management Philosophy, it will strive to provide products and services that transcend the insurance framework in order to furnish customers with the security, health and wellbeing of indispensable value to them.

Sompo Care Inc.

The company is accelerating the business development and quality enhancement of the Group's nursing care services, and building the optimal structure for managing the administration of these nursing care services.

Sompo Care Message Inc.

The Message Group is dedicated to supporting your daily life always – wherever you want to live.

Sompo Care Next Inc.

Through providing the top quality services, the company innovates and brings about a new era in nursing care.

Sompo Risk Management & Health Care Inc.

A company provides services such as specific health guidance and health counseling, employee assistance programs, business continuity management and planning (BCM / BCP), and enterprise risk management (ERM).