Domestic Life Insurance

The domestic life insurance business is one with particularly high growth potential among Group businesses, second to the domestic P&C insurance business. We will accelerate growth by providing products and services of choice to customers. Major products include “Shin Kenko no Omamori”(released in May 2014) and “Shin Kenko no Omamori Heart” (released in April 2015). Both of these products have proved immensely popular among customers, with a combined total of 1,000,000 applications for these products since their launch.


Product Composition

We provide a wide range of insurance products that cover customer risks in response to changes in the social structure surrounding the customer and in their lifestyle.

Growth Potential

We are realizing growth in keeping with efficiency and profits through product strategies that focus on high-margin protectiontype products, such as medical insurance and income compensation insurance, and sales strategies that make maximum use of our network of P&C insurance agencies.


Launch of New Products “One-Time Hospitalization Benefit Rider” and “Outpatient Treatment Benefit Rider” (November 2017)

The “One-Time Hospitalization Benefit” and “Outpatient Treatment Benefit” were launched on November 2, 2017. They can be added to medical insurance (2014) and medical insurance (08)*. Moreover, a special “One-Time Hospitalization Benefit Same-Day Payment Service” was launched exclusively for the “One-Time Hospitalization Benefit Rider.” This service enables customers to receive the one-time hospitalization benefit from the rider on the same day they are admitted, provided they contact the Company or an agency beforehand.

  • Only available as an addition to an existing main policy. (The rider cannot be attached to medical insurance (08) of the former Nipponkoa Life Insurance Company)

Comprehensive, Quick Life Plan Diagnostic App “Life Plan Coach” Released (October 2017)

Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Himawari Life Insurance has released the industry’s first life-plan diagnostic app “Life Plan Coach,” which links data with the automatic household budget and asset management service “Money Forward” provided by Money Forward, Inc. The Life Plan Coach app carries out life plan diagnosis for customers in accordance with their situation, such as life stage and life cycle, in accordance with their current household budget and future life events.

Companywide Smoking Ban! – Employee Initiatives as a Company Aspiring to Support Health (August 2017)

Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Himawari Life Insurance has implemented a companywide smoking ban from August 2017, while offering support for employees’ efforts to quit smoking. The company aspires to reshape itself as a “health support company” helping its customers to become healthier. As a first step, it is vital to maintain and improve the health of individual employees and their families. The company will therefore accelerate its initiatives on “health and productivity management.”

Himawari Life Launches Rider Enabling Receipt of Lump-sum Care Payment for Customers Certified as Needing Level 1 Care—
Response to the Sharp Rise in those Requiring Mild Care (March 2017)

On April 2, 2017, Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Himawari Life Insurance launched a lump-sum care payment rider that can be attached to "Medical Insurance (2014)" whole-life insurance policies with a low surrender value period, which are available without dividends or with interest dividends every five years. The rider allows for a lump-sum payment for care to customers certified as needing level 1 or greater care under Japan’s public long-term care insurance system. About 6.06 million people were certified as needing support or care under Japan’s public long-term care insurance system as of March 31, 2015. People requiring the mildest level 1 care made up the largest share of them, accounting for 19.3%, or 1.17 million people. We offer coverage extending to this group to meet a wide range of needs amid sharp growth in people requiring care, as even people with modest care needs may incur some expenses for things such as home modifications.

Promotion of Health Service Brand "Linkx"

As a leader in "security, health, and well-being," Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Himawari Life Insurance aims to transform itself into a health support enterprise that assists customers in improving their health, as the natural evolution of a life insurance company. To that end, we have been promoting our Linkx health service brand since September 2016. We provide revolutionary products revolving around health and health-related services centered on apps under the brand, which is rooted in the concept of making healthy living pleasant and fun for customers. Under the Linkx brand, we have currently released four apps, all of which are also free for use by non-policyholders.

Health information app (October 2016)

Health status and lifestyle habit improvement diet app (April 2017)

A walking app that aims to help people enjoy walking naturally every day (April 2017)

An app that enables users to manage their budget and assets centrally, and to visualize them (November 2017)

Group Companies

Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Himawari Life Insurance, Inc.

A life insurance company that offers advanced products and services as the growth engine of the Group.