Strategic Businesses

We are going beyond insurance to develop a wide range of businesses that support customer security, health, and wellbeing. These efforts include assisting customers with asset formation through the asset management and providing policyholders with roadside assistance service through the assistance business. We are also advancing into home remodeling and extended warranty business fields.


Business Domain

To enable even more customers to live with security, health, and wellbeing, we are developing a wide range of businesses that go beyond insurance products. In recent years, we have advanced into the home remodeling and extended warranty business .


Obtain the “Easy-to-read Design” Certification for Its Investment Trust Prospectuses from UCDA (January 2017)

In January 2017, SOMPO JAPAN NIPPONKOA ASSET MANAGEMENT CO., LTD. became the first financial institution in Japan to obtain the “Easy-to-read Design” certification for its investment trust prospectuses from Universal Communication Design Association (UCDA), an independent assessment body.
SOMPO JAPAN NIPPONKOA ASSET MANAGEMENT has drawn up a “Customer First Declaration” and is working to improve various documents to ensure that customers are able to confidently purchase investment trusts. As part of these efforts, the company obtained this new certification by fully revising its prospectuses through upgrading the volume of information, the type of font, the presentation of graphs and other aspects. In addition, it started including messages at the beginning of prospectus documents that clearly convey the essential features of each product. Guided by the “Customer First Declaration,” SOMPO JAPAN NIPPONKOA ASSET MANAGEMENT remains committed to proposing and providing even higher quality products and services.

Beginning of Wearable Device (Smart Glasses) Utilization (October 2016)

Home reform company FRESHHOUSE Co., Ltd. in collaboration with Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Insurance Inc., began using wearable terminals (smart glasses) in October 2016 for the investigation of fire insurance claims to homogenize service quality and expedite fire insurance payments. Aiming to further enhance its customer services, FRESHHOUSE will continue advancing the utilization of ICT and digital technology.

Group companies


Placing the utmost emphasis on contributing to the wealth-building of customers and striving to provide unique and high-quality asset management services.

Prime Assistance Inc.

An innovative assistance company that helps customers to resolve various inconveniences in their surrounding environment.


From simple repair work to renovation, a company that helps to eliminate inconvenience and create safe, secure homes.

Sompo Warranty Inc.

We are extended warranty company that provides safe,secure and the best solutions for our customers.